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Salem, Oregon

Gary: "Working with Ellen has changed my life, healing my body and my spirit in ways I could not have predicted. After each session in her peaceful studio, I feel relief for longer and longer periods of time. Her practice, and the healing she offers, is extraordinary."

Barbara: "I was introduced to Ellen following a 2010 bicycle accident I had that left me with some lingering body issues. Ellen has been very integral to my recovery. She is so personable, thoughtful and present when with you. Combine that with her use of energy healing and Lomilomi massage, and you will have an extraordinary healing experience. Ellen shared her skills and experience with me, and in return I received the gift of healing and fitness...I am back on my bike and riding in more and harder than before my Solstice 2010 "event." Thank you Ellen, you are truly an effective healer! I wholeheartedly encourage others seeking a healing path to draw upon your extensive talents and skills!"

Devin: "If your body, mind or system is just out of whack like mine was this morning after having a week of pain brought on by activities I don't do all the time, Ellen is the person to spend an hour with. There could not be a more relaxing, peaceful and healing experience on the planet than the massage she provided me and I feel great. A big thank you to this gifted healer."

Margaret: "I never thought of myself as anyone who would be involved in any kind of healing practice. To me that means being part of the conventional medical system or an alternative health practitioner doing acupuncture, herbalism or massage - all of which are very wonderful, but all require years of training and having a health care business. Iíve always known I didnít have any calling for those professions. But learning and practicing Reiki is very different. Even an ordinary, everyday person like me can do Reiki after only a few hours of easy training. It means I can make an active, intentional contribution to helping myself and others heal in a totally safe and special way. Itís so amazing."

Caro: "I've been feeling the effects of our (Reiki training) weekend ... in all sorts of ways: I cannot forget the rarefied atmosphere that you---we-- created last weekend, surrounded by Reiki in all forms, moving in Reiki through your woods, imbued with Reiki through the tenderness and intelligence of your sharing words, touch and insights. It is delightful to imagine ... what next?!"

Kimberly: "I can just say that (the Reiki class) was life changing for me and extremely positiveÖ.at a time in my life where huge unexpected changes are occurring all at onceÖI find myself envisioning a life that no longer includes sitting at a desk all day. Rather than feeling connected to a computer, I feel drawn to reconnect with people, and even more so...with myself. My spirit had an awakening and a sort of soul remembrance of what's important in life. Music seems more lovely, nature more beautiful, quiet more serene, peace more comfortable. I am truly grateful for the time I spent with you Ö and the others and am basking in the wonder of what can be done in just a few hours when joined with people in happiness and love. You shared a gift with me and it's inspired me to want to share it with everyone else. Thank you so much."

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