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Moontime Sisters

Ellen Montague and Heidi Gates

Moontime Sisters, LLC was developed as my colleague Heidi Gates and I partnered in creating a series of 4-day Reiki Intensives on the Oregon Coast. For the past five years the Reiki Intensives have continued to expand and grow. Heidi and I are Reiki Masters in the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki, and are both grateful and proud to have been taught by Barbara West.

The concept for A 21-Day Walk with Reiki (a set of 21 meditation cards) was developed as part of the structure of the 2008 Intensive. We created one prototype, which was so popular with the participants that they encouraged us to make sets of the cards available to them and others.

The idea behind the 21 day walk with Reiki was inspired by Dr. Mikao Usui, the man who rediscovered Reiki in the late 1800s. The oral history of Reiki tells us that after ten years of research, Dr. Usui chose to undertake a 21-day meditation on a sacred mountain in Japan in hopes of finding the answer to a question that was very important to him: how to use the information he had discovered about Reiki. These cards were developed after a year of research and our own 21 day meditation with Reiki. They serve as a 21-day invitation to support and encourage the modern ‘traveler’ to find his or her own answers. We invite you to use them to “walk” with a question or an intention that is important to you, and allow the energy of Reiki to guide you, as Dr. Usui did, in living your way into the answer.

You can purchase a set of cards for $21 and take virtual ‘walks’ in several ways by yourself, or you can ask for support on the walk. A supported virtual ‘walk’ with Reiki through Cascade Bodyworks includes a set of cards, four 1-hour sessions of Reiki, four distant Reiki treatments, and daily encouragement through electronic means (e-mail/text). Contact Ellen for more information about price and availability.

You can now purchase the cards through either of our websites or at several local Oregon bookstores. To order by web, click here or visit Heidi’s site at

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