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What is Reiki?
Reiki is a gentle healing art that is practiced throughout the world. During Reiki treatments, safe touch is given in a specific and easily learned sequence. Reiki encourages the body to bring it's own resources and attention to any source of tension, disease or discomfort on the physical, mental or emotional level in order to heal. Reiki techniques can also be used to quiet and empower the self or others, honoring the intuitive and practical nature of health.

Reiki Treatments
Reiki treatments are most often conducted in hour-long sessions. Lying comfortably on a massage table, you receive Reiki through a series of hand positions specific to the practice. You remain fully clothed through the course of the treatments.

Reiki Circles
We invite you to join us as we meet in circle each month. The circles provide an opportunity to share, explore, practice Reiki, exchange treatments on a regular basis and experience our connection with each other and with the sweet energy of Reiki. The regular monthly Circle welcomes practitioners of all levels. See “Events” for day, time and location.

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