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Reiki Classes
Cascade Bodyworks offers First and Second Degree Reiki classes several times a year as well (click here to view the schedule).

First-Degree Reiki
First-Degree Reiki enhances the capacity and rekindles the wisdom that every student already innately possesses. Students in a First-Degree Reiki class receive the history of Reiki in customary oral tradition, a discussion of the philosophy and principles of Reiki, instruction in the sequence of hand positions, attention and guided practice giving and receiving complete treatments. Students also participate in a series of four initiation ceremonies during the class, which allow the energy to move more fluently through the hands. Students with previous First-Degree training may audit the course with instructor approval for a cost of $75.

Second-Degree Reiki
After a First-Degree practitioner has taken a class and spent some time with Reiki, given treatments to themselves and others and experienced Reiki in their lives, they may become aware of a desire to learn more and go further with the practice. Second-Degree training involves deepening the practice of this gentle, effective hands-on healing art, offering tools for those who are drawn to this expanded experience.

In the class, techniques are taught which continue to empower the self and others, allow the practitioner to send Reiki at a distance, assess energy during the process of a treatment, and explore other practical applications.  One initiation ceremony is offered for students in Second Degree. Above all, Second-Degree continues to honor the intuitive and practical nature of health. Students with previous Second-Degree training may audit the course with instructor approval for a cost of $150.

Reiki Mastery
Becoming a Reiki Master is a personal calling. The pathway is unique to each individual and, in honor of this, I work with those who are called to the path on an individual basis. Reiki Master candidacy begins with a conversation between me and the student who wishes to become a Master Candidate.

Other Reiki class/workshop opportunities

Reiki Intensives
See Moontime Sisters

Deepening the Practice of Second Degree: $45
These sessions provide a time to ask questions and explore the facets of our lives as they intersect with and are enriched through the energy of Reiki.

Saturday, April 16: Refreshing the Memory of Oral Tradition
Practicing the Art, Holding the Form

Saturday, June 18: The Ebb and Flow of the Elements and Aspects in Daily Life
The Dream of Community in Practice

Saturday, November 5: Honoring the Significance of Relationship with Reiki
Deepening the Discipline

Exploring the Facets of Reiki: Conversations in community
Discussion series based on the work of Phyllis Lei Furumoto: $30
These 4-hour sessions are dedicated to exploring themes prompted through the radio talk shows of Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Lineage Bearer of Usui Shiki Ryoho. Activities include giving and receiving Reiki, listening to a selected show, sharing refreshments and exploring the nature of what is revealed for us through the topics presented. For registration form or schedule click here.

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