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Cascade Bodyworks awarded Bronze award for 2011 in Massage category

Are you seeking therapeutic massage for physical aches and pains?
Are you under more emotional or physical stress than usual?
Are discomfort and/or pain interrupting you from living a vibrant life?

Whether you feel sidelined by an injury or a traumatic event,
suffer from chronic pain,
or simply sit too long at the computer every day -

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I’m glad you’ve found Cascade Bodyworks.

I created Cascade Bodyworks in 1990 to provide a place where people could find peace, and an effective alternative to drugs used as a way to reduce or eliminate pain and stress. The sessions I offer weave massage with several different and powerful kinds of energy work. Many of my clients have experienced profound healing.

The study of Hawaiian Lomilomi massage infuses my practice. The word ‘Aloha’ can be translated in many ways but its foundation is that of compassionate, loving kindness. This is also the foundation of Lomilomi, and my goal in our work together; to remind you of who you have always been, to help you regain your own vibrant health, to recapture joy and a feeling of peace.

When we work together, I draw from two decades of study in massage - specifically Lomilomi (Hawaiian massage), CranioSacral work, Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki and other energetic healing techniques.

These complementary methods work together or separately to relieve:
• Tension/muscle pain/strain
• Arthritis pain
• Inflammation
• Fatigue/Epstein Barr
• Injuries
• Tendonitis
• Fibromyalgia
• Headache
• Whiplash
• Edema
• Stress
• Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
• Melancholy

And to support and improve:
• Optimal Brain Function
• Immune function
• Peace and calm
• Authentic personal expression
• Creativity
• Problem solving ability
• Memory
• Joy
• Production of stress-relieving hormones
• Operating in life from your thinking versus your survival brain
• Your sense of humor

"Working with Ellen has changed my life, healing my body and my spirit in ways I could not have predicted. After each session in her peaceful studio, I feel relief for longer and longer periods of time. Her practice, and the healing she offers, is extraordinary." —Gary, Salem

Treatment Fees:
Fees are based on the period of time that you are on the table. Please plan for an additional 20-30 minutes to cover time for conversation, getting on and off the table, and relaxation.
· 30-minute massage: $50
· 60-minute massage or Reiki treatment: $70
· 90-minute massage or Reiki treatment: $90
· Added charge to travel to you in the Salem-Keizer area: $10
· Chair massage $1/minute Please note: I generally travel to offer chair massage. I can come to your place of business and set up the equipment for one hour, several hours or a half-day

· Package of five 60 minute massages/Reiki treatments $320
· Package of five 90 minute massages/Reiki treatments $440
· One 60-minute couples massage: $140
· A guided 21-Day walk with Reiki: $200
· Four Reiki treatments in a row: $240

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