Lomilomi is an ancient Hawaiian massage practice that soothes and relaxes the body, offering profound healing. Once passed on only through the Hawaiian Ohana (family) line, Lomilomi was brought forward in the last 50 years to be learned by others through the vision and commitment of Auntie Margaret Machado.

Lomilomi massage is given in the spirit of aloha; with compassionate awareness and loving kindness. Imitating the movement of the waters of the sea, the wind, the earth and the flow of the elements, Lomilomi mirrors the nature of all things and responds to the specific needs of the body, mind and spirit, restoring the connection to ourselves, our hearts, and the natural world. The atmosphere and movements of this practice are designed to remind you of the elements, providing a beautiful and sacred pathway home to who you truly are.

There are many layers to Lomilomi. Lomilomi can be offered in a light, relaxing application or deep tissue style (Lokulomi) to ease tension and relieve stress. The rhythmic, fluid method of the work enables the receiver to experience deeper massage comfortably, while the body releases with peace and grace. Many people say that they feel a sense of calm and energy all at once as a result of a treatment.

The benefits of a Lomilomi massage include pain relief, restoration of energetic and physical balance, detoxification and deep relaxation. Lomi nurtures and encourages the health of the body’s immune system. A practical aid for the release of headache pain, Lomi can reduce the pain and instance of migraines and other aches and pains of daily living. It is particularly helpful for encouraging the health and proper flow of the deeper lymphatic system; removing toxins and waste products that are developed in the course of daily life from the muscles and tissues, allowing them to exit through the natural pathways of the body.