Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage is a relaxing and profound work that opens the lymphatic system gently and with very light pressure, painlessly stimulating healthy functioning of the immune system and encouraging the production of antibodies. Among other benefits, Lymphatic work reduces swelling, edema and muscular tension, relieves many symptoms of chronic pain, eases inflammation and increases range of motion. It offers great benefits to those experiencing the effects of Fibromyalgia.


CranioSacral work is designed to balance the body and release energetic and physical blocks from the top of the head to the base of the spine. The treatment is performed with a very light application, and is suitable for a wide variety of people of different ages and sensitivities. The client remains fully clothed through the course of the treatment.

Dynamic Energetic Healing*

Dynamic Energetic Healing (DEH) uses a combination of sound therapy, muscle testing/applied Kinesiology, and energy healing techniques including tapping along with a tested protocol designed to identify and eliminate barriers that stand in the way of our achieving what our hearts yearn for. Designed to establish and maintain harmony and optimum energetic relationships with the world and those with whom we relate, DEH compassionately supports people to make peace with their fears and walk into their own personal power. Each of us has the opportunity to positively change the world just by being the loving souls that we innately, intrinsically are. I believe that DEH is one path towards opening ourselves to a positive relationship with our amazing soul and all that we are capable of being.